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1. (i) Full refund of the purchase price if unhappy with your purchase for an acceptable good reason, subject to:
(a) received notice of your intent to return the purchased item(s) within three days of receipt;
(b) and in addition further subject to our confirmation and assessment of safe return of the item(s) to Antiques and Arts; herein referred to as we, our or ourselves as below;
(c) further that item(s) are the very same items sent; that any 'invisible' security marks have not been erased; and in addition item(s) are received back in exactly the same condition as when first dispatched by ourselves.
1. (ii) The cost of return shipping of goods for refund is to be met in all cases by the purchaser.
1. (iii) The purchase price is the actual price paid for the item without addition of any shipping costs.
1. (iv) Any part of payment made by the purchaser toward the cost of first shipping the item(s) to the purchaser, will not be refunded.
1. (v) In addition we reserve the right to charge, by deduction from any refund, a restocking fee of 10.00 GBP to all returns by business/trade buyers only, status determined by our judgment and at our sole discretion.

2. All descriptions, comments, information and opinions, including but not restricted to: written, verbal or visual; including attributions, statements, comments, interpretations, estimates as to age, valuations, condition reports and photography; on any and all matters connected with the activities of Antiques and Arts; in any and all past, present and future media; are our professional opinion or interpretation for which we cannot be held liable for any losses that may occur suffered by any party irrespective of circumstances. We are not liable for any mistakes or misdescription on our part beyond a full refund of the purchase price of the item(s) purchased to the purchaser only; subject in all cases to the conditions of paragraph 1 above being met.

3. Refund of the purchase price, directly to the purchaser, is the full extent of our liability in all cases of dispute that may arise with the purchaser.

4. Our inventory antiques, collectables, items for sale, as second hand goods; are not free from the imperfections you would reasonably expect given the age, fragility and once daily use of many of these rare and delicate items. We do not describe every and all the minor blemishes and imperfections and damage that may be discernible by the purchaser or any third party inspection. This includes condition reports. The purchaser in all cases accepts that items are antiques and second hand goods as described; are not supplied as in new condition; or as nearly new goods; are not in perfect condition and accepts that all statements contained in this paragraph number 4 relate to all items in our inventory without exception.

5. Details of damage or restoration of which we are aware and or we consider to be relevant or significant in assessing the correct value of the piece, or its desirability to all reasonable purchasers, will be supplied online as part of the item description, or will be available by email request. This description of condition includes any online images and any supplementary condition report(s) requested by the buyer and supplied by email. In all cases our pricing does account for inter alia the condition, quality, desirability and therefore correct value of the piece as assessed by ourselves and is not to be subject to purchaser or third party reappraisal at any time.

6. (i) The purchaser accepts our description and valuation in each and every case as the correct value of the piece and demonstrates this both by agreeing to purchase and further affirms this by supplying the correct value remittance requested by ourselves, to ourselves, prior to dispatch. In so doing the purchaser accepts that this correct value or purchase price shall not be the subject of any subsequent dispute between ourselves and any other party whatsoever, including the purchaser. This correct value is the purchase price.

6. (ii) This remittance, supplied by the purchaser in payment, will usually include an additional amount to pay for the costs of shipping the item(s) to the purchaser i.e. the shipping costs.

6. (iii) The shipping costs must be met by the purchaser before the dispatch of any item(s). The prospective purchaser will be quoted shipping costs as part of any sales negotiation. Estimates as a guide to shipping costs of individual items to various locations may be provided on line. These are intended as a good guide only. They may be subject to review and price change where: costs increase after publication of this information; the purchaser requests extra services e.g. insurance when available.

7. Any dispute that cannot first be settled simply, reasonably and amicably, is potentially subject only to the arbitration or the jurisdiction of the UK based institutions of arbitration or courts and is subject to English law within the United Kingdom only.

8. All purchasers will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted all these terms 1 to 14 above and below inclusive as part of the conditions of sale binding on the purchaser in each and every transaction between the purchaser and ourselves as the seller, Antiques and Arts.

9. These terms are applicable to antiques and collectibles and similar; also known as goods and also any services; supplied by Antiques and Arts. They do not cover goods or services supplied by any other individual or organization that may offer goods or services on our web sites at any time.

10. Antiques and Arts, or its agents or employees, accept no liability for any statements, or trading between individual buyers and sellers of antiques, collectables, items, or other goods or services, which may arise at any time prior to or after reference to content on any or our websites. We will not enter into any debate, argument, dispute or act as arbiter with any such party or parties regarding the pricing, valuation, validity, correctness, factual accuracy, or otherwise of any published material on our websites which in all cases constitute our genuine held opinion only and is subject to revision or withdrawal, at our sole discretion, at any time, and without prior notice.

11. In any dispute or dissatisfaction that may arise prior during or subsequent to any transaction; or any other matter; Antiques and Arts, or its agents, or employees, accept no liability or potential liability - except where Antiques and Arts are the suppliers and traders of the goods from the inventory stock held specifically by Antiques and Arts: then this liability will extend only to a maximum full refund of purchase price and no more and apply only to goods from the Antiques and Arts inventory where Antiques and Arts, as sellers, have full title and ownership of these goods.

12. (i) Any trade discounts that may be offered, negotiated, or in operation, from time to time; will not extend to sale, special offer, or similar promotions.

12. (ii) Items on Antiques and Arts websites may also be offered concurrently for sale by other means to include but not limited to: time limited auction or by fixed price on third party websites; also in antiques centres and at antiques fairs within the United Kingdom. Alternate pricing criteria and short term availability restrictions may therefore apply on such and certain items from time to time. This may not be apparent from the website description.

12. (iii) Where and when an item offered on our websites is sold through any of our websites, or elsewhere, then we will indicate that the item is sold and/or remove from our website(s) as soon as is practicable for ourselves. This will be subject to a time delay. We do not therefore guarantee the continuing availability of any item which may appear to be still available but is pending action as above. Prospective purchasers are therefore advised to register their interest in any item(s) without delay.

12. (iv) We reserve the right to withdraw any item from sale and/or to cancel any sale at any time prior to the actual dispatch of the item.

12. (v) In any cases where monies are received as remittance for goods and we are unfortunately unable to complete the transaction then the intending purchaser will be refunded the total of any payment made, sent for ourselves and received: to include purchase price and shipping costs as remitted; but not to include any additional intended purchaser costs including but not limited to: banking, exchange, third party, or other fees; any additional expenses incurred; or any losses or consequential losses incurred by the intended purchaser.

13. (i) No material from our websites including pages, text, hardcopy, as code including HTML, photographs and images, may be copied, duplicated, stored, reproduced, republished or broadcast without our prior permission and consents... Save for limited single individual page copies directly connected with a specific transaction and purchase of antiques, collectables, goods and items from our websites. Use of any such material beyond this and or in isolation as part of third party websites, or links, or in publication, in any present or future media including academic research; require our prior consent and full acknowledgment. Search engines may cache individual web pages only as part of provision of bona-fide search pages/services but are expressly forbidden to primarily utilize these as a device for providing advertising space or in connection with, or as endorsement for, or to provide links with, any additional third party product or service or endorsement, or website or web page, unrelated to Antiques and Arts.

13. (ii) All material on Antiques and Arts websites and all descriptions; including text and photographs, sound files, graphics, animated graphics, video, HTML and other code, etc.; further including Antiques and Arts originated material, as above, in connection with or in support of Antiques and Arts and Antiques and Arts items for sale on any and all third party websites; are and remain at all times the property, the intellectual property of and copyright Antiques and Arts 1998-2015.

14. Use of this and any of our websites and web pages confirms your acceptance of all our terms and conditions of use in all these terms 1 to 14 inclusive.

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